What is Organizational Communication? (full version)

My professor (YES I AM NOW A UNI STUDENT) from my Introduction to Communication Studies class posted this video on our online tutorial website today. I think he is expecting us to deepen and reinforce the understanding of “Organisational Communication”, which I’m still struggling to understand because I’m not that familiar with this topic.

Anyways, the reason why I am sharing this YouTube video to you is because it is one of the most unique tutorial videos that I have seen in my life. It’s not like those old-school types where there is an ongoing narration to a powerpoint slide (well I mean that thing helps, but it’s boring isn’t it).

This YouTube clip was made by Matt Koschmann. Not sure who it is, and I do not have the time to research that up since I have a freaking pile of homework to do tonight, so if you guys are interested, go look it up yourselves (Damn demanding aren’t I? :P).

Okay, well let me get to the point then. This video is interesting not only because it thoroughly and clearly discusses the concept of Organisational Communication, but also because of the way he presents it. As you can see (if you’ve watched the video) through the 17minutes++ of his tutorial, he makes his presentation “pretty” through the use of illustration. Yes, this illustrator who contributed this video continued drawing for the whole 17 minutes of this video, which is fast-forwarded to match the narration. That’s pretty impressing right? Maybe not for you artsy people, but for a girl like me who can barely draw, this is some amazing sh*t (sorry, excuse the language). To be honest, I really like his illustration style, cute but casual, and I know this is a very typical thing to say, but this normal/academic/theoretical lecture suddenly becomes an art piece you know? It really grabs your attention. Just like how the animes you watched when you were a kid always dragged your attention anytime, anywhere.

I don’t know, maybe you weren’t fascinated as me after watching this video. But for me, the amount of effort just amazed me. And sorry for my bad quality writing, I wanted to put more effort but yea, I have other stuff to do (since I wasted the half an hour before this on Temple Run LOL). Well well well, I better get back to studying. Bye guys 🙂


Song Lyrics Translation

10年後の今日の日も (10 Years From Now On)

Song: Kanjani∞   Composition: Akio Shimizu   Lyrics: Akio Shimizu

My heart beats fast

While I wonder about things like how many times we’ve seen each other this year


A special night when we can accept this long distance

I will devote everything to you and hug you tighter than usual


People say that it is a lonely love relationship

But I disagree, I am so shiawase (filled with happiness)


10 years from now on, surely we will be together

Like the sky that is forever and ever as it is

The sadness that had piled up now turn into love

I will always, always smile for you


There were times when we doubted our break up

Times when we felt jealous of our surroundings for some reason


But we won’t look inferior compared to them

If we love each other strongly

And that’s why I will kiss you longer than usual with all my heart


When things do not go well, we get negative

But that’s when we must support and believe in each other


10 years from now on, let’s hold hands here

The sky will forever and ever be as it is

Let’s live our tomorrow as courage alights

Please always, always smile for me


The original lyrics: http://j-lyric.net/artist/a04ab16/l00a448.html


Hey Joe, “A world where ‘violence’ is the means of peace.”

Does that sound right to you?



No, “A world where ‘pizza, soda, PS4, and a comfy couch’ is the means of peace”

sounds better to me.

I FEAR, but do we?


A     Female crying on her knees, PAIN

An   Everyday coexisting with combat, WAR

An   Armed soldier screaming for life, BLOODSHED

A     Rain of bombs pouring from the sky, ATTACK







“Hey, did you hear that news last night?”

“Nah, was too busy playing games.”

“Haha thought sooo! Well whatever, let’s go get lunch.”

Movie Review: “Eight Ranger” (2012)

tumblr_m92du8QMB41re8s6ro3_500Okay, so today, I will like to reflect on a Japanese movie I watched recently, and it’s called “Eight Ranger”. This fictional movie originates from the comedy skit that the idol group, “Kanjani∞” does in their concerts. For more information about the Eight Ranger itself, refer to Wikipedia’s page, “Kanjani Sentai Eightranger

Now, let me go through the synopsis. The story takes place in 2035 at Eight City, Japan. The ageing population and the economic crisis had turned Japan into a third class country, filled with illegal migrants, terrorists, and criminals. The only ones that the citizens can rely on were the heroes who fight the evil. In response to the increasing crime rate in Eight City, citizens organize a Superhero Society and assemble a rag-tag group of oddball characters called “Eight Rangers” to protect them. It seems like these misfits have no hope of becoming real superheroes until they meet the legendary hero Captain Silver, who agrees to train them.

I don’t want to spoil the movie too much, so that’s all I am going to explain in regards to plot. I will also put the trailer (with Eng subtitles!) ↓ ↓

The main reason why I watched this movie is that Kanjani∞ is one of my favourite Idol groups 😛 Also, on July 26th, the second movie, “Eight Ranger 2” is coming out, so I thought I should watch the first one before checking out the next one.

The movie was….not bad. But in my opinion, it is an entertaining movie only for the fans. The main reason to that is the typical and dull plot. It is somewhat self-evident that the Eight Ranger will become one and fight the evil at the end. Also, the climax is way too obvious! I mean yes, as the story goes on there should be some clues to the climax. But I don’t know, for me, once I realized the climax during the rising actions, I got this feeling of disappointment to the typical climax. Well if you think of it in another way, this orthodox plot might rather attract the audience. But for me, NO.

Then why do I not say that this movie was terrible? It’s because of the cast and the details of this movie. For a fangirl, the fact that you can see your favourite idol group acting makes you happy and like this movie, aww yea♡ (me in my fangirl mode) Also, yea, the details of this movie, so like the props in the movie are nice. For example, during the movie, parodies of alcohol ads and a Japanese tavern are pretty funny; especially because the Kanjani∞ members are in these props. So looking for these props is another way to enjoy this movie for fans.


Personally, the favourite prop was the below poster of a beer ad. Because my favourite member in Kanjani∞, Shota Yasuda is dressed as a girl (Yes, these kinda things entertain Japanese fangirls)

imagesIn conclusion, “Eight Ranger” is a good movie, only if you like Kanjani∞. So I won’t really recommend this movie to anyone :/ But I cannot wait till next month for the second movie to come out!!


New Blog Series: “Nippon Idol Theory”

Idol – An image used as an object of worship.” (Dictionary.com)

In the English language, I guess this word is used mostly in religious context. However, in Japan, this word brings up a totally different image for most people because ‘Idol’ in Japan, is supposed to mean like this.



Totally seems like an image that is worshiped right? Well let me explain to you what an ‘idol’ actually means in Japan.

Idol is a “manufactured young star/starlet who is promoted as being particularly attractive or cute.” (Wikipedia) They now play a huge role in the entertainment industry in Japan as media personalities, appearing as singers, dancers, MCs, panelists, actors, and models. Idols have a distinct position in the entertainment industry in Japan since they tend to not belong to any particular role of an entertainer.

But that is not the only reason why they are separated from the rest of the entertainers in the industry since at the end, they are all entertainers who amuse and fascinate the audience. There is this difference between them, but people tend to face difficulty to define this distinction, that aspect that makes an Idol gain a special position in the industry.

Therefore, I want to look for that distinction. That special something that makes them an Idol. Which leads to this new blog series, “Nippon Idol Theory”. For those who do not know, ‘Nippon’ means ‘Japan’ in Japanese. It will (well try to) explore the world of “Japanese Idol”; at times objectively, and at times through my perspective. I know this subject is huge, deep and multidimensional, and I am not sure whether I can actually tackle it with my limited ability/talent in English. But I feel like by examining the various aspects of “Idol” in Japan, I will be able to gain a deeper understanding  of what an Idol is.